lobster tail in Traverse City

Choose the right Seafood catering service in Traverse City!

Seafood has always been a favorite for people in Traverse City. Right from juicy lobsters to other great seafood dishes, you can always glance at the locale enjoying one or the other form of seafood under the hood. However, if you are new to the area or want some help finding the right seafood in Traverse City MI catering service, we are more than glad to help you out. 

After all, seafood is more enjoyable when it safe! 

1. Check their seafood variety

Before you hire any catering company, you need to check out their seafood menu online and look for the variety of seafood they offer. You obviously don’t want a food catering service that only serves fish and no lobster or lobster but no crab. So, look for lobster tail in Traverse City food catering service that includes seafood varieties in their menu to satisfy your cravings and fill you up with delicious dishes. 

2. Check out the quality of food

Quality seafood is not just safe but ensures you don’t have a stomach ache after.

Remember to never compromise quality for the price since you’ll be just risking your health. 

Seafood can be really dangerous if you don’t buy it from an authentic source and cook it properly. So, look for seafood in Traverse City, MI catering service that serves you quality seafood cooked, grilled, or baked using spices, essential oils, and other ingredients. 

3. Hygiene is a must

Bearing in mind how important sanitation and hygiene is due to the viral conundrum when eating outside or appointing a catering service for a buffet, you need to look at the hygiene protocols followed by them. Take a look at how clean their cooking is, how their staff handles all the kitchen mess, if they sanitize their hands before, during, and after cooking a meal, and If they follow all the health codes as listed by the local authorities. 

All of this will allow you to take care of you and your guests’ health and not pose any risk to anyone. 

4. Check out their reviews

Thanks to the power of the internet, you can find out everything about a meat Traverse City

catering service. So, check out for reviews online and learn about the ratings this catering service receives. You can even read previous customer comments and if their seafood meal was worth it. 


These are just a few tips that’ll help you find the right seafood catering service. Although when in Traverse City in Michigan. Check out the tasty seafood dishes along the trail with West Bay Catering. 

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