Hiring the best West Bay catering is more than just being the quality of the meal. Caterers take up all the stress, tension, and pressure while you can welcome people to your humble abode. Besides, who don’t like to enjoy free drinks and food. 

That said while interviewing caterers, ask about their experience and expertise. Explore the tips for picking the best restaurants in Traverse City for your event shenanigans. We’ve narrowed down the must-ask questions. 

How to hire the right caterer: Explained in 5 steps

Consider your event size and specific needs:

A caterer must be capable enough to handle the number of people you plan on inviting, including some extra ones. Sometimes, you need appetizers during cocktail hours and some odd requests from peculiar guests. Other times, you might need a simple buffet. 

But first, know the type of catering services you’re looking for and its occasion:

  • On-premise
  • Off-premise 
  • Corporate 
  • Personal event
  • Wedding 

Then, reflect on your catering style:

  • Dinner service
  • Buffet tables 
  • Food stations 
  • Action stations 
  • Family style 
  • Food truck catering
  • Light and casual 

Keep the location in mind:

Location is always a crucial aspect. You must consider the location of the caterer and the distance they will travel for your event. Find a caterer who’s well-versed with the venue and doesn’t might to travel till there. 

Be specific about your expectations:

Party planning is a stressful job for you and your caterer. So, keep it as flexible as possible, and make things easier for everyone. Also, learn about any food allergies, dietary restrictions, and preferences to avoid any food-related complications. 

Check out their reviews:

You want to trust the caterer and see if they can fulfil their promises?

One of the best ways to do it: seek out referrals and reviews online. Research what their previous clients say about the business and if they have received any praiseworthy recommendations. Plus, check all the online sources for reviews and event photos to know more about the West Bay catering company. 

Consider the event caterer’s cost:

It might seem like an obvious one, but pricing is forever primary. Catering costs can drown your budget, so be calculative when viewing your options. Weigh in your expectations, the size of the event, the food you like, and think about what you’ll receive in return. Ask the caterer to provide you an exact quote.